Zula V1.30b Update Released!
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Zula V1.30b Update Released!

Zula V1.30b update has been released. Here are the changes made with the new update of Zula and the game

Zula V1.30b update has been released. Here are the changes made with the new update of Zula and the innovations that come to the game.

Zula, one of the most popular games in our country, continues to improve day by day. Zula has now also introduced key features such as brand new content, New Fun Modes, ÖTS and the inclusion of One-to-Everyone Mode in Quick Lobby TDM.

Zula V1.30b Update Notes

New Fun Mode: Disappearing Ground

One of the new additions to the Zula game, the disappearing ground mode offers exciting moments from each other. In this mode, while the squares on the ground disappear one by one, the players have only one thing to do, to be the only survivor.

Head shot

The only thing to do in headshot mode, which is a new mode in entertainment modes, is to shoot other players in the head, while other damage does not work. Finally, you can improve yourself in terms of “headshot” with this mode.

ÖTS New Mode: Everyone Single

Thanks to this mode, players can earn thousands of TL and millions of ZA. In the Award Winning Tournament System (ÖTS), after Sabotage and TDM modes, one of the most awaited modes by the players is the One for Everyone Mode.


Hangar Map Renewed: Hangar Beta

Hangar Map has been renewed thanks to the BETA version. Competition and excitement reach the highest level in the Hangar Map, which has a more compact size.

Endgame Podium Statistics

It is much easier to see what the people on the players’ team are doing at the end of the game. In this way, it is now possible to see the performance of the players in the match on the podium screen.

Fast Lobby TDM – Changes

It is now possible to see the Competition and TDM rating as well as the Zula Pass progress on the Fast Lobby Screen.

Server Response Times Increased

In order to provide a better gaming experience in the Zula game, improvements have been made to the servers. With these improvements, the server reaction time has increased 2 times in clan and competition servers, and the reaction time has increased 4 times in ÖTS. To update details to this link you can reach by clicking.

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