Zula Mobile v0.19.2 Update Released!
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Zula Mobile v0.19.2 Update Released!

Zula Mobile v0.19.2 update has been released, which fixes many bugs. With the new update, the game becomes smoother.

Zula Mobile v0.19.2 update has been released, which fixes many bugs. With the new update, the game becomes more fluid.

After the Çanakkale update published on March 18 for Zula Mobile, the problems that arose with the 0.19.1 update were resolved. According to the reports of the players, there were some points in the game that were still not corrected and where they experienced problems. Many problems were resolved with the 0.19.2 update published.

Bugs Fixed by Zula Mobile v0.19.2 Update

  • Auto-lock error with snipers and other weapons
  • Failure to hear the footsteps of the dying enemy
  • Error staying on the map loading screen in some cases
  • Controls saved in the lobby not showing up during the match
  • Error displaying the cash register name incorrectly in special offers
  • Statistics reset error in some cases

With the new update coming to Zula Mobile, it is stated that the work continues to completely eliminate the connection errors in the encounters. It was also stated that there will be surprise gifts as a compensation for the unhappiness caused by these problems in the Zula Mobile game. The details of the past and current updates of the Zula Mobile game to this link you can reach by clicking.


Coming with the Zula Mobile v0.19.1 Update

The blog post about Zula’s previous update was as follows;

Hello everyone,

As promised, we fixed the first part of the errors that appeared in the 0.19 Çanakkale Impassable update and released the 0.19.1 patch.

You can immediately get updates to 0.19.1 patch from Google Play and Huawei App Gallery. For iOS, you will be able to update it as soon as the App Store approval process is completed.

Patch notes:

  • The black screen error when entering the match has been fixed.
  • Weapon lost in the match has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where zero kill was displayed in the end-of-match bests screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the run mission was not counted.
  • Fixed the error spawning in the middle of the Safranbolu map.

When we have finished all the bug fixes we planned, we will have surprise gifts for you!

You can be sure that with your support, we will bring our game in Beta to great places. We apologize for the problems and thank you for your understanding.

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