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Zeitnot is Back at Home – Esporlab.com

Zeitnot returned to his home. In the statement made, it was stated that Zeitnot will be the team coach of Papara SuperMassive in the new season. Zeitnot, who started his acting life at HWA Gaming, was transferred to the Papara SuperMassive team from the Dark Passage team he played in 2015-2016. Zeitnot, who has been wearing the Papara SuperMassive shirt since 2016, announced his retirement after 2020 Worlds.

During this time, Zeitnot, who started broadcasting on the Twitch platform, was also sharing his content on the YouTube channel. Today, according to the sharing by Papara SuperMassive, Zeitnot announced that he will take according to the team coach in the new season. Zeitnot’s participation in Papara SuperMassive as a coach was greeted with great joy by the fans. This enthusiasm of the fans is also an indication of how much Zeitnot is missed by the team.

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