Xbox Store Capcom Sale Has Started!
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Xbox Store Capcom Sale Has Started!

Xbox Store Capcom sales started. Capcom publisher discounts in the Xbox Store, along with the discounts made.

Xbox Store Capcom sales started. With the discounts, Capcom publisher discounts started in the Xbox Store.

The games of Capcom, the game studio that managed to make a name for itself with the Resident Evil series, went on sale in the Xbox Store. Resident Evil 3 and Warlords are among the games whose price has decreased with the discount.

Capcom publisher discounts can save up to 60 percent in the Xbox Store, the content store of Microsoft’s game console, Xbox. Among the games on sale are Super Steet Fighter IV, Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 3 and Onimusha Warlords. These discounts on the Xbox Store will last until March 29, 2021, and there is a limited time for players to benefit from these discounts.


Finally, it is useful to point out that these Capcom discounts on the Xbox Store may differ depending on the market and may change at any time. It is also worth remembering that it is not valid for these purchases made in the Xbox Store or for orders placed previously. Capcom discounts from the Xbox Store may not be used in conjunction with other offers. Other exclusions and limitations may also apply to this discount. It is possible to reach all Capcom discounts by clicking this link.

Xbox Store Capcom Deals

The new prices of the games that are on sale within the scope of Capcom discounts that started on the Xbox Store are as follows.

Super Street Fighter IV – 13 TL with 80 percent discount instead of 65 TL

Devil May Cry 5 – 91.20 TL with 20 percent discount instead of 114 TL

OKAMI HD – 71.50 TL with 60 percent discount instead of 178.75 TL

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – 41.87 TL with 50 percent discount instead of 83.75 TL

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