Xbox Games Can Be Downloaded Much Faster Now With New Update!
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Xbox Games Can Be Downloaded Much Faster Now With New Update!

Xbox games can now be downloaded much faster. So what is the biggest problem of Xbox gamers, slow download

Xbox games can now be downloaded much faster. So how will slow download, which is the biggest problem of Xbox gamers, be resolved?

One of the biggest problems of the users of Microsoft’s popular game console Xbox was that the games were running very slowly. It seems Microsoft is taking an important step towards fixing this problem. With the update, Xbox games will be down very quickly.

As it is known, with the digitalization of the world in every sense, we see that, of course, players also benefit from this change in many areas. Although not in our country, users around the world can get better quality internet. Especially with the increase in the size of the games recently, it becomes much more important for users to download their games so quickly. On the Xbox side of Microsoft, this download speed poses a significant problem. According to the statement made by Microsoft, this situation will end in a short time.


Eden Marie, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox Engineering division, said in a statement on Twitter, heralded a system where games can be downloaded faster on Xbox game consoles. With this update, which will be released soon, Xbox Series and Xbox One game console owners will be able to continue playing without slowing down download speeds.

An Update Is Coming To Download Xbox Games Faster!

When playing a game, Xbox owners were automatically losing download speed so they could use the game’s online specials without interruption. Along with the new update this will change and users will be able to suspend the game and download without losing download speeds. However, users who will be playable in games will be able to turn this system on and off.

It is currently unknown when Microsoft will release the update to bring this feature. When the feature in question is available, it will be enough to click on the “Suspend my game” option. Xbox users will be able to enjoy a much better console experience with this feature.

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