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Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide – Esporlab.com

Wild Rift, Riot Games’ mobile game based on League of Legends, can take a look at our beginner’s guide for players new to the game. Here is the Wild Rift beginner’s guide.

As it is known, MOBA games are generally complex. Players must understand macro and micro decision making and learn the mechanics of champions for all characters in the game. If you have just started playing Wild Rift, one of the world’s popular games, it will be more educational for players to choose champions that will help them understand the game and understand the importance of objectives, barons and items. In this guide, you can find champions that can be easily accessed by players who are new to Wild Rift and can also carry the game.

Best Wild Rift Champions for Beginners

Upper Corridor – Darius

When it comes to the top lane of Wild Rift, Darius and Garen are the two easiest champions for players to easily master. Darius can deal a deceptive amount of damage both inside and outside his lane phase. The lack of gap-closing tools and short auto-attack range make it countered by Wild Rift champions like Teemo, Akali, and Olaf. Teemo can be his worst nightmare, as Yordle’s blindness prevents his Bleed passive from allowing his basic attacks to land.

Darius Abilities

Passive – Bleeding

  • Darius strategically strikes enemies, causing them to bleed for 5 seconds, dealing physical damage. When maximum blood stacks on opponents, Darius gains Noxian Might and his damage is greatly increased.

Q – Reaper Ax

  • Darius swings his ax in a wide circle. The damage taken from the blade of the ax is greater than the damage taken from the handle. Heals based on champions and monsters hit by the blade of the axe.

W – Bone Breaker

  • Darius’ next attack hits the opponent’s artery. Moves slower as the opponent bleeds. Darius’ next basic attack deals physical damage and slows the target by 90% for 1 second. If Bone Breaker kills the target, it restores 50% of its cooldown and mana cost.

E – Hold Pull

  • Darius sharpens his axe, dealing physical damage that ignores a percentage of the target’s Armor. When activated, Darius sweeps and pulls enemies towards him with the hook of his axe.
  • Passive: Darius gains 5/10/15/20/25% armor penetration.
  • Active: Darius pulls all enemies in front of him and slows them by 40% for 1 second.

Ultimate – Noxian Guillotine

  • Darius leaps towards an enemy champion and deals a deadly blow dealing true damage. This damage scales with the number of stacks of Bleed on the target. If Darius strikes a killing blow with the Noxian Guillotine, the ability’s cooldown is reset for a short time.

Jungle – Amumu

The Amumu champion may be difficult for players to play at the beginning, but players can get used to its mechanics in a short time. It has both great offensive and defensive capabilities, good jungle net speed, and the best tools to dive into combat effectively.

Amumu Skills

Passive – Cursed Touch

  • Amumu’s basic attacks Curse his opponents, causing them to take bonus true damage when inflicted by magic damage.

Q – Winding Shot

  • Amumu throws a sticky wrap at a target, pulling it towards it, causing the target to be stunned and damaged.

W – Flood of Tears

  • Nearby enemies suffer, losing a percentage of their max health every second, and their curses are renewed.

E – Nervous Breakdown

  • Permanently reduces the physical damage taken by Amumu. Amumu can unleash his fury, inflicting damage to surrounding enemies. Each time Amumu is hit, the cooldown of Nervous Breakdown is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

R – Curse of the Sad Mummy

  • Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units, cursing, stunning, and damaging them.

Middle Hall – Annie

In Riot Games’ Wild Rift and League of Legends games, the Annie champion is one of the entry-level base champions for new players to pick up and learn about. Annie’s simplicity can be pretty deceiving because she comes with a ton of explosion damage built into her Dark child kit.

Annie Talents

Passive – Arsonist

  • After Annie uses 4 abilities, her next offensive ability will stun the target.

Q – Destroy

  • Annie sends a fireball filled with Mana; If the ball destroys the target, it regains its Mana cost.

W – Fire

  • Annie’s scorching fire damages all targets in a cone-shaped area.

E – Flame Shield

  • Grants Annie or an ally to a shield and increased movement speed. Also deals damage to enemies that basic attack him.

R – Call: Tibbers

  • Annie the bear orders Tibbers to take on flesh, dealing damage to units in the area. When attacking nearby units, Tibbers can burn them.

ADC – Ashe

While playing and mastering an ADC isn’t exactly easy in League of Legends or Wild Rift, mastering Ashe’s kit will give players a significant impact on winning the game.

Ashe Abilities

Passive – Ice Shot

  • Ashe slows targets with her attacks, dealing more damage to them. Ashe’s critical strikes deal no bonus damage but apply a powerful slow to the target.

Q – Purity

  • Ashe gains Focus as she attacks. Once she reaches her max Focus stacks, Ashe can use her Brightness to consume all Focus stacks. This ability grants Ashe Attack Speed ​​for a duration, during which time Ashe’s basic attack transforms into a powerful barrage of arrows.

W – Barrage

  • Ashe fires arrows that spread and deal bonus damage as she moves. Also applies Ice Shot effect.

E – Hawkshot

  • Ashe can send the Falcon Spirit on a scouting mission anywhere on the map.

R – Magic Crystal Arrow

  • Ashe shoots an ice arrow in a straight line. If the arrow hits an enemy champion, it deals damage and causes the champion to be stunned. The duration of the stun increases as the distance traveled by the arrow. In addition, units around the target are also damaged and slowed.

Support – Soraka

Soraka, one of the best support champions to play in Wild Rift, can be frustrating, especially for players with an aggressive poke-heavy bottom lane. By forcing the enemy to passively build anti-healing items in front of heavy wounds, he can share many compositions in victory.

Soraka Skills

Passive – Salvation

  • Soraka sprints towards low-health teammates faster.

Q – Starburst

  • A star falling from the sky to a target location deals magic damage and slows enemies. Soraka restores health if any enemy champion is hit by Starburst.

W – Astral İlham

  • Soraka sacrifices some of her own Health to heal another champion on her team.

E – Ekinoks

  • Silences all enemies within the area it has created in a certain location. When the area disappears, enemies still within it are pinned to the ground.

R – Dilek

  • Soraka fills allies’ hearts with hope, instantly regenerating himself and all allied champions’ Health.

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