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Wasteland 3 First DLC The Battle of Steeltown Release Date Has Been Clarified

Wasteland 3’s first DLC, The Battle of Steeltown, has been announced. Here’s The Battle of Steeltown release date

Wasteland 3’s first DLC, The Battle of Steeltown, has been announced. Here is The Battle of Steeltown release date.

Wasteland 3 will soon be expanding with the first DLC pack. The Battle of Steeltown, which will be the first DLC of the game Wasteland 3, will be available to players on June 3. The additional package to be released is the first story expansion prepared for the RPG, published by inXile, the developer of the game and with positive comments from the players. Wasteland 3 his game has so far had an expansion in the form of the Colorado Survival Gear, which is referred to as a small special equipment package.


Wasteland 3 İlk DLC’si The Battle of Steeltown

With the upcoming Battle of Steeltown expansion, players will head to Steeltown, a factory setup where weapons and other equipment used by Colorado Springs law enforcement are produced. This region appears as one of the most important places in the game under the control of the Patriarch. Many obstacles await players in this area, such as bandits, worker strikes, and equipment shortages. For this reason, players will be sent by the Colorado leader to solve these problems.

First DLC New missions and new enemies will be added to the game. With the expansion pack, some of the game’s mechanics will also change and different ways to solve problems will become active. The expansion pack will be released on June 3 and will return to post-apocalyptic Colorado with this pack. Least 2.75 million dollars Developed with a crowdfunding target, the game can be purchased on the Steam platform with a price tag of 219 TL.

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