Valve Will Prevent Steam Deck's Joystick Slippage
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Valve Will Prevent Steam Deck’s Joystick Slippage

As it is known, Valve recently announced the new game console, Steam Deck. The joystick of Valve’s new game console will come with an extra measure to prevent it from slipping.

Author Aldehayyat, one of Valve’s hardware engineers, explained that “We did a lot of testing on reliability” regarding Steam Deck. Aldehayyat also said, “We think the Steam Deck will perform really well, their equipment will be in good condition, but during this time, users will be very satisfied and happy with it.”

Sony also offered the PlayStation 5 game console for sale late last year and was under the threat of lawsuits due to the slipping problems of DualSense, the game controller of PlayStation 5. Nintendo’s best-selling game console, the Nintendo Switch game console, has been trying to solve such problems from the very beginning. Let’s see if Valve can find a solution to this?

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