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VALORANT Will Now Record Audio Conversations

VALORANT will now record voice conversations. In this way, toxicity through voice chat in VALORANT game

VALORANT will now record voice conversations. In this way, players who become toxic through voice chat in the VALORANT game will be more easily caught and removed from the game.

Although VALORANT, one of the popular games of Riot Games, is loved by the players, it is criticized every day for its audience. Riot Games, which took various measures to control the game’s audience, has now taken a new measure. According to the statement made by Riot Games, voice conversations in the game will now be recorded and players who are toxic in these conversations will be punished. The update is expected to arrive shortly.

Valorant will now record voice-conversations

VALORANT to Record Voice Conversations

Making a statement on the subject, Riot Games gave the following words;

“We are aware that bad behavior using voice chat worries many players, and we will work more effectively to resolve it. In order to punish players who offend other players, use hate speech, or undermine their taste, we have to know what they are saying. “

“With the update to our privacy policy, we will be able to record and evaluate voice chats while players are using Riot voice chat products. This will be the case for VALORANT first. We need to know what these players are saying so we can use our voice chats to sanction players who annoy other people, hate speech, or negatively affect your experience. Therefore, we will need the right to analyze voice chat data in the upcoming period. Relevant voice chats will only be stored or evaluated if a report of adverse behavior is submitted. Otherwise, audio data will be deleted. If any violations are detected, we will take the necessary steps and delete data upon completion of the assessment. Our privacy policy is Riot-wide, so all players must accept these changes, regardless of the game they play. However, currently, VALORANT is the only game we plan to record and evaluate voice data in case negative voice chat behaviors are reported. “

–Valiant Geliştiricisi

According to this statement made by the developers, the words of the players who use the voice chat maliciously will now be recorded and very likely these recordings will be converted into text with the help of an artificial intelligence. The developers also announced that the players will not be constantly listened to, but the conversations of the reported players will be listened to. If you do not want to rest while playing VALORANT, you can disable the voice chat feature. Finally, it is worth noting that disabling voice chat in a competitive game like VALORANT will negatively affect many players.

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