VALORANT Minimum System Requirements -
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VALORANT Minimum System Requirements –

The VALORANT game, which Riot Games announced last year, became a popular game among players in a short time. So what are the minimum system requirements of the VALORANT game? Here are the VALORANT minimum system requirements.

Developed by Riot Games, the developer of the League of Legends game, VALORANT game managed to be accepted by large audiences in a very short time because it is a free to play game. Since the VALORANT game, which was announced in October 2019, is played by many people, players are also wondering about the system requirements to play this game. You can reach the recommended system requirements of the game by clicking this link. In this article, we discussed the minimum system requirements of the VALORANT game.

VALORANT Minimum System Requirements

VALORANT Minimum System Requirements (for 30 FPS):

─░┼člemci: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

Video card: Intel HD 4000


Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit

The system requirements we have mentioned above are the minimum features that must be present on your computer for the game to work. Of course, you can play the game much more fluently and better on computers with higher specs.

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