VALORANT Home Screen Replacement -
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VALORANT Home Screen Replacement –

In VALORANT, one of the popular games of the FPS genre, players found a new way to change the main screen of the game. Here is the VALORANT home screen replacement.

The player base of VALORANT, one of the popular games of Riot Games, continues to grow day by day. With the increasing popularity of the game, players continue to examine the codes in the game.

The VALORANT community has announced that they have discovered a method to replace the home screen. This discovered method has not yet been announced by Riot Games about the possibility of being banned from VALORANT. With the VALORANT 3rd Episode 1st Episode, many important changes were made to the game. Players got a new client screen depicting the characters Viper, Cypher, Jett, Phoenix and Yoru standing in front of a giant teleporter. The VALORANT community has changed the home screen design and found a way to replace this background on the VALORANT home screen.

Many VALORANT players have already changed their home screen background. Still, players are wondering how this background can be changed. Here is the way to change the home screen

Changing the VALORANT Home Screen

Here are the steps to find the default home screen file location:

  • Click on Windows for the Start Menu to appear.
  • Type and search for “VALORANT”.
  • Right-click the VALORANT icon, then click “open file location”.
  • The VALORANT directory will appear. Right-click the VALORANT icon again and then click “open file location”.
  • The Riot Client folder will appear. Then return to Riot Games.
  • Open the VALORANT folder.
  • Then – open the “live” folder > ShooterGame > Content > Movies.
  • A “Menu” folder will appear.
  • The default home screen file will be found here.

Replacement steps:

  • After downloading the new home screen video file you want (mp3 format should be preferred), paste it into the “Menu” file.
  • Double-click the Valorant icon.
  • Login to your Valorant Account.
  • The new client home screen will appear in the VALORANT game client.

Is Changing the VALORANT Home Screen a Ban?

Nothing has been confirmed about this change, as there has been no official statement from Riot Games, the producer of the game. Riot Games, which is quite conservative in these matters, is known to have strict policies against the use of any third-party application, which can result in a ban.

Although there is no news that a user has been banned by Riot Games yet, this does not mean that changing the client home screen is a safe thing. For this reason, it is worth noting that all this responsibility belongs to the players in case the players receive any bans in the future.

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