VALORANT 2.11 Update Notes Released
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VALORANT 2.11 Update Notes Released

The 2.11 update notes of the popular FPS genre game VALORANT have been released. Here’s what comes with the new update.

VALORANT, one of the popular games of Riot Games, has released its new update, 2.11. Here’s everything about the VALORANT 2.11 update.

After VALORANT, one of the popular games of Riot Games, which shines with League of Legends, announced that the 2.10 update will not come to the game on May 17, players who were waiting for a big update were surprised by the details of the VALORANT 2.11 Update Notes.

With the new update, a search bar has been added to the leaderboard, the Copy mode has replaced the Climb mode, and the FPS of players with medium and high gear has been increased by 1 percent. Here are the details of the update;

Competition Updates

A search bar has been added to the leaderboard that will allow you to find players by name.

Mod Updates

As part of the mode rotation system, Copy mode has replaced Climb mode.

Performance Updates

Adjusted the inventory management including abilities, equipment and weapons on medium and high-end devices, improving the framerate on the client by an average of 1%.

Improved calculations preventing agents and environment element skeletons from interlacing.

Game Systems Updates

Adjusted fonts in some regional languages ​​to improve readability.

Updated the beeper and voice command wheels to ignore commands other than movement while visible on the screen.

Fixed an animation bug that caused hands to appear in awkward positions while equipping weapons



Fixed a bug that prevented Reyna from selling and repurchasing her Azlet ability during the buy phase.

Competitive Mode

Fixed the loading icon appearing in an endless loop when viewing a friend’s career page.

Fixed various bugs in the UI of the leaderboard.

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