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VALORANT 2.08 Update Notes Released

VALORANT 2.08 update notes have been released. Here are the innovations that come to the VALORANT game with the new update.

VALORANT 2.08 update notes have been released. Here are the innovations that come to the VALORANT game with the new update.

Update notes for the 2.08 update, in which Breeze, the new VALORANT map, was added to the game has been published. It has been spoken for a long time that a new map will be added to Riot Games’ popular FPS type game VALORANT. In the past weeks, the new map Breeze has released VALORANT 2.08 update notes, which are often on the agenda.

When we look at the VALORANT 2.08 update notes, we see that Breeze, the new map of the game, has been added to the game and the coach quota, report feedback system and many other features, which are the features that coaches have been waiting for a long time, come to the tournament mode in the game.


VALORANT 2.08 Update Notes

Map Updates


With Breeze, we will add a two-week Breeze special no-rank matchmaking sequence to the game.

You can check out the Competition Updates section below for detailed information on this special matchmaking order.

Competition Updates

For those who want to learn the new map in depth, we have added a special no-degree matchmaking sequence to Breeze.

Breeze will also be included in the map pool for custom games, as well as the standard Death-To-Death Battle, Spike Rush, and Climb modes.

This special matchmaking rank will remain in the game for two weeks. During this two-week period, you will not be able to play standard non-ranked and ranked games in Breeze. After this period, Breeze-specific matchmaking will be disabled and Breeze will be included in the map pool of ranked and non-ranked matches from then on.

Remember! One last segment left to further raise the Chapter 2 Rank Award. The awards will be given at the end of Episode 3.

Game Systems Updates

Coaches can now be included in special games in tournament mode.

We are excited to be able to include coaches in matches in tournament mode! This is just the first thing we are planning to do for coaches. We plan to increase the capabilities of coaches in matches, although their function is somewhat limited at the beginning. We look forward to improving the role of coaches in the game and working with coaches in the VCT ecosystem for this feature.

Current function of the coach quota:

Coaches who will watch matches in tournament mode can only watch their chosen team in the special game lobby.

Coaches cannot signal on the map or chat with the team in text or voice.

Coaches can reach the tournament moderator via Public Chat or Group Chat whenever they need to communicate.

Coaches can stop matches when players are able to stop play.

Life quality


We’ve seen your demands (and they make sense)! Drop and retrieve sounds have been added to HRTF.

Social Updates

Report Feedback has been added to the game.

We will now let you know when we take action against the annoying players you reported.

Thank you for your efforts to make VALORANT a better place for everyone. Do not miss your reports. 🙂

Alerts have been added to remind players who violate the rules for the first time of the Code of Conduct in-game. There is no longer any excuse for disturbing behavior!

Wild Rift players will now be visible on the social panel.


Fixed an issue that caused devices to disappear on the map when Killjoy’s turret and Alarm Bot were disabled.

Fixed the bug where Astra and Brimstone’s smokes were protecting even players who were not completely inside from being blinded.

Fixed an issue where Viper’s Venom Curtain was thrown into the teleporter in Bind, causing it to affect an area much longer than expected.

Fixed the Viper’s Poison Cloud pickup range being 200 instead of 400.

Improved the performance of Astra’s Star Cloud’s visual effects at low settings.


In Spike Rush, when a player received a weapon upgrade sphere with an Operator in his hand, he lost his Operator and was not able to get another weapon instead. We would fix this error.

Now your Operator will remain with you and you will have a random secondary weapon right.

Competition Mode

Fixed an issue that caused rank icons to disappear in Match History.

Fixed the issue where Level Rank Badges were appearing on the map loading screen in unranked modes

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