VALORANT 2.07 Patch Notes Released with Raze and Astra Updates
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VALORANT 2.07 Patch Notes Released with Raze and Astra Updates

VALORANT 2.07 patch notes have been released by sharing from the official account. Balance day for Raze and Astra characters

VALORANT 2.07 patch notes have been released by sharing from the official account. The balance update to the characters of Raze and Astra and the solution of the Viper bug are the most important innovations. Also in the patch; We see that some improvements have been made under the headings of quality of life, competition mode, social, agents and mistakes.

What’s in Valorant 2.07 Patch Notes

If we look at the patch notes published on the official site in detail, we see the following updates.


  • Now it also draws agents who destroyed Spike to its center.
  • If the enemies leave Spike’s range while destroying Spike, the destruction will be interrupted.


  • Sound effects have been added when it is thrown into the air using the Explosive Bag.
  • The visual effects of explosions and the Stunning ability have been updated to make the field of view less obstructed and removed from the playing field faster.


  • Fixed an issue when calculating whether the damage taken by decaying players with shields was lethal or not.
  • This caused the target to remain with 1 health instead of dying, especially when you hit a target with decay value of 50 with Marshal.

Life quality

  • We’ve improved the use of the impeller selection tool, it should now work more consistently.
  • Cypher’s Booby Traps now display scouts with the appropriate team colors.


  • Fixed an issue where spectators and observers sometimes saw incorrect sight marks on sniper rifles aiming with binoculars when switching between different views. It took about 1 second for the wrong image to reach the correct position. Now the correct image will appear immediately.


  • Yoru will no longer be able to place Spikes while Interdimensional Shift is active after using the Poppet.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Astra to see a dome in the sky, which came out of the Astral Traveler form when using Omen Ulti.
  • Fixed the issue that caused Sage’s Barrier Sphera to break when placed next to Killjoy’s turret.
  • Cypher can no longer place Covert Camera inside the Cyber ​​Cage.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Killjoy’s Disabled Alarm Bots to chase targets that were passing by and away from targets for a certain period of time after being re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Skye’s Guide Light ability to appear to go underground when dashed towards the ground.

Competition Mode

  • Various localization issues in the server selection and promotion screen have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Match History filter was not working properly.
  • – While viewing a friend’s Match History, you may receive an error message stating that you are using too many filters at the same time. The purpose of this limitation is to aid performance, but it should only apply when looking at your friend’s career.


  • Fixed an issue that required players to restart the client to get rid of the restriction after the competitive queue restriction expires.
  • Fixed an issue where some players who remained AFK after the match was over during the rebuild were not penalized.
  • Fixed an issue where players using a Russian keyboard had trouble using the push to talk feature with their teams.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the voice chat settings of players switching to the Thai keyboard.

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