Update Reducing GTA Online Load Time Released!
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Update Reducing GTA Online Load Time Released!

As it is known, the loading time of GTA Online annoys many people. Reduce the loading time of GTA Online

As it is known, GTA Online loading time annoys many people. A new update has been released that will reduce the loading time of GTA Online.

GTA V, one of the favorite games of the players, continues to remain popular over the years. The online mode of the GTA V game is offered to players as GTA Online. When entering GTA Online, players face a long waiting period. Rockstar Games, the producer of the game, has not released an update to fix this problem, but a player has released an update that will fix this problem.

A GTA Online player named T0st found a method to reduce the loading time of the game and presented it to Rockstar Games, the developer of the game. Rockstar Games researched this method and announced that this method will be added to the game. Rockstar Games also stated that the player was given $ 10,000 as a thank you.

This update, which will shorten the loading time for GTA Online, was released. In addition, the GTA game received an update on the game console, but the update, which shortened the installation time, was released only for PC. Console players will have to wait a little longer for this method.

Significant Decrease in GTA Online Loading Time!

According to the tests performed after the published update, the loading time of GTA Online, which is normally 4-5 minutes, fell below 40 seconds after the update. However, although this period of course varies according to the CPUs of the users, we can still say that there is a significant decrease.

After the last update to the GTA V game on the console side, some Xbox One game console owners have started to report crash issues in the game. Although this situation has not yet been confirmed by Rockstar Games, we can say that this problem will be fixed soon.

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