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Unity Engine Prepares to Offer DLSS Support

Unity Engine, one of the leading game engines used by game developers, is getting ready to offer DLSS support.

Unity Engine, one of the leading game engines used by game developers, is preparing to offer DLSS support. So what does DLSS support bring?

Nvidia continues to lead the industry. Of nvidia Tensor DLSS technology, which improves the visual quality and performance of games on its cores, continues to be supported by game engines. After Epic Games’ Unreal Engine game engine offered DLSS support, work has now begun for the Unity engine.

Unity Engine Will Offer DLSS Support

Of nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling Corner smoothing and high resolution processes in graphics via the DLSS technology Tensor cores will improve performance and graphics. With the new DLSS support, transitions will be very easy.

It is planned to be on the mass production line in the coming months, but the production is postponed to a later date due to Nvidia’s chip problem. Nintendo Switch Pro Following the rumors that the game console will come with DLSS support, game engines are also preparing to support this new technology. Frequently preferred by game developers Unreal Engine After the game engine, he announced that he will now support the Unity engine for DLSS and the necessary work has started.

unity dlss

DLSS support for the Unity engine, which game developers prefer to use in their games, seems very important for the game industry. After the works expected to be completed by the end of 2021, game developers using the Unity engine will also be able to access DLSS support and produce better quality games in this sense. After the integration is completed, the feature can be easily activated in DLSS supported games using the Unity game engine.

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