Twitch Watch Parties Coming to Mobile
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Twitch Watch Parties Coming to Mobile

Twitch, owned by Amazon, continues to offer new features to its viewers. Watch Parties, one of the popular features of Twitch, can now be used on mobile devices as well.

As it is known, the Twitch Watch Parties feature allows viewers to watch content simultaneously as if they were physically together. For now, only with the service that supports Amazon Prime, viewers can watch something on Amazon Prime together.

It has been announced that this feature, which is only supported on desktop platforms for now, will also come to mobile platforms.

“The Twitch Watch Parties feature is currently available to all content creators and viewers who are desktop web users,” Twitch said in a statement. We are also working to bring this feature to mobile platforms and we think that this feature will come to mobile platforms in the coming months.” it was said.

Twitch Watch Parties Nedir?

Users must first have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription to take advantage of this feature. Users who meet these conditions can use the Twitch Watch Parties feature. Users can stream any movie or series included in their subscription via Twitch.

Together with the content producer, viewers can comment and enjoy watching together while watching this content simultaneously.

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