Twitch Waged War on Following and Streaming Bots
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Twitch Waged War on Following and Streaming Bots

Popular live streaming platform Twitch has declared war on follow and view bots. Twitch to block these bot accounts

Popular live streaming platform Twitch has declared war on follow and view bots. Twitch started blocking these bot accounts.

One of the first platforms that come to mind when it comes to live broadcast Twitch continues to make important decisions for the future of the platform. With Twitch’s new decision, the number of viewers and followers of some broadcasters may drop significantly in the coming days.

Owned by Amazon Twitch With his statement on his website and social media accounts, he declared a war on broadcasters using Twitch tracking bot and tracking bot. According to the announcement of three tweets shared by Twitch, the live broadcast platform announced that more than 7.5 million accounts were canceled on the grounds that the account used as a tracking bot and a viewing bot violated the terms of use agreement.

Twitch Started Sanctions Against Tracking Bots

Explaining that these accounts have started to be processed, Twitch announced that most of the accounts detected using bots were detected by a machine learning technology that can improve itself. In the continuation of the Twitch statement, he said that there may be a sudden decrease in the number of views and followers of Twitch accounts due to the transactions made in the following days. Twitch also answered frequent questions about the bots and the sanctions that will be applied on the special page it has customized.


First Reactions from Turkish Twitch Broadcasts

Following this statement made by Twitch, the broadcasters with hundreds of thousands of followers on the Twitch platform expressed their own opinions both seriously and sarcastically.

In the statement shared by Twitch, while Mete “EasterGamers” Özbey shared “Ooo dirty (with boots) let the clothes fall out”, Berke “Thaldrin” Demir shared “Alas, we are caught”. Twitch Turkey’s largest organization of bigbosslayf Oidemirel is one of the founders of the “Boots should be considered a crime. The perpetrator and / or commissioner should be prosecuted for qualified fraud. ” While making his statement, Jahrein and wtcN welcomed this news of Twitch.

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