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Titanfall 2 Sets Player Record on Steam

The game Titanfall 2 broke the player record on Steam. With Steam discounts, the game is now owned by more people.

The game Titanfall 2 broke the player record on Steam. With the Steam discounts, the game is now played by more people.

After the Steam discounts, the number of players of many games is increasing. Among the games with increasing number of players, the popular game Titanfall 2 was also added. Titanfall 2 game broke the player record after Steam sales.

Titanfall 2 game, developed by Respawn Entertainment and released 5 years ago, received a huge 75 percent discount on the Steam platform. The game has doubled the number of players after this discount number.

Apex Legends, one of the successful examples of the battle royale genre, managed to attract the attention of players when it was first released. The game could not keep the players’ interest in the long run. As the launch of the 9th season of the game approaches, some inspirations from the Titanfall 2 game will be added to Apex Legend, according to a statement made by the developers. Combined with the Steam discounts, the popularity of the Titanfall 2 game has increased considerably.


According to SteamCharts data, Titanfall 2 game reached 16,958 instant players on April 25, 2021. For the game Titanfall 2 in its 5-year history, this number of players means a record. Even when the game was first released on the Steam platform, it did not manage to reach such a high number of players. Discounts for Titanfall 2 game continue on the Steam platform. You can also access the game’s Steam page via this link.

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