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The History of New Steam Sales Unveiled

The date of the new Steam discounts that PC gamers have been eagerly waiting for has emerged. Frequently used by PC gamers

The date of the new Steam discounts, which PC gamers have been eagerly waiting for, has emerged.

As it is known, Steam, one of the popular game libraries frequently used by PC gamers, enables players to purchase games at more affordable prices with major discounts every year. It organizes discounts on the Steam platform not only on seasonal transitions but also on special occasions for different nations such as the Chinese New Year.

SteamDB With the data published by the new Steam’s closest discount period has emerged. Steam’s new sales will begin on April 29 and end on May 6. The main title of Steam’s new discounts will be the Golden Week Sale, the Golden Week Sale.

The Golden Week is actually a name given to a period of several different holidays in Japan. It corresponds to April 29, 2021 and May 5, 2021. As with Steam’s Chinese New Year Sale, there will likely be discounts on many games. For this reason, it is useful for players to prepare their wish lists on the Steam platform. Since these discounts will be in many games, it is important that they prepare a wish list in order not to distract the players.

Xbox Game Pass Steam’e Gelebilir

Xbox, the game console of the software giant Microsoft, is far behind the PlayStation game console with some services, although it is behind Sony’s PlayStation game console. In fact, in recent years, many gamers think of Xbox’s Xbox Game Pass service when it comes to Xbox. Xbox Game Pass, which is available on both Xbox game consoles and PC platform, may come to the Steam platform, with a new claim.


New games continue to be added to Xbox Game Pass, the most important service of Xbox, every day. Finally, new games continue to be added to the Game Pass service, which adds the GTA V game of Rockstar Games, one of the favorite games of the players.

It was previously claimed that the Xbox Game Pass service would come to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, but this claim was almost impossible to realize and as a result did not come true. According to a new rumor, the Xbox Game Pass service will come to the Steam platform, which is the monopoly of the PC platform. This development seems to please Steam users.

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