The Good News Is Coming A New Uncharted Game
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The Good News Is Coming A New Uncharted Game

A new Uncharted game is coming to PlayStation owners. Here are Sony’s future plans. Sony’s game

A new Uncharted game is coming to PlayStation owners. Here are Sony’s future plans.

New details have emerged about Naughty Dog, the game developer who made important games of PlayStation, Sony’s game console. According to the latest information, new games are on the way.

Good News A New Uncharted Game Is On The Way

The Remake version of the first game The Last of Us, which was first published in 2013 and became one of the most popular games in the game world, was announced in a short time. Players The Last of Us will be able to play the renewed version of the game on PlayStation 5 game consoles. In this way, the game can be experienced on the PS5 game console with renewed graphics. The Last of Us Remake The game was started to be developed by the San Diego studio, which is normally not announced yet, but since the studio has been distributed, the game Naughty Dog continues to be developed by. The first plan of the famous game studio Naughty Dog was to make a Remake version of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, but this project was abandoned.


Days Gone 2 Canceled

The sequel to the Days Gone game, one of the most important games of the Sony PlayStation 4 era and recently announced for the PC platform, was unfortunately canceled. The reason for the cancellation of the sequel game is thought to be that the first game did not make a profit and did not provide positive comments. Nevertheless, it is said that Bend Studio, the developer of the game, offered the sequel to Sony, but Sony’s second game project was canceled. Many influential figures left the studio, including John Garvin, one of the authors of the game. Bend Studio is currently developing a multiplayer game. This game is most likely the Online mode of The Last of Us game.

Uncharted Game in Development

Another game developed is the new Uncharted game. However, the game was left entirely to the Naughty Dog. Although we do not have certain information about the new Uncharted game yet, the details of the game are expected to begin to emerge in the coming days.

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