The game with a Steam Price of 45 TL is Now Free
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The game with a Steam Price of 45 TL is Now Free

Assassin’s Crееd Chroniclеs: China has been loving games since it was launched by Ubisoft in 2015.

Assassin’s Crееd Chroniclеs: ChinaSince its launch by Ubisoft in 2015, it has been one of the most noticeable games of game lovers. In general, players who wanted to play this game in the relevant process had to make a payment of 45 TL on Steam.

But a news came from the Ubisoft company that will please many game lovers. Assassin’s Crееd Chroniclеs: China can now be easily owned without paying any price.

February 15 Date

Gamers who want to obtain Assassin’s Crееd Chroniclеs: China game free of charge must keep their hands fast until February 15. Because this beautiful game is offered to game lovers only for free until this date within the framework of the Ubisoft campaign.

The game with a Steam Price of 45 TL is Now Free

The game with a Steam Price of 45 TL is Now Free

Game with Quality Graphics

Having quite a large number of fans Assassin’s Crееd Chroniclеs: China The game contains a different atmosphere structure, unlike the others. This game, which reflects the 16th century Chinese periods, includes dynamics such as assassination and secrecy. With its great image quality, this game gives a very good excitement.

Get the Game for Free

In order to get the game free of charge until the relevant date, it is necessary to fulfill some procedures. After that, the game is easily available.

  • Clicking on the campaign page tab,
  • Then click on the free acquisition section,
  • If you do not have to open a Ubisoft account,
  • Open the Ubisoft Connеct application and tap Launch here,
  • Checking the Ubisoft library section,

Game lovers who fulfill these processes completely can easily get the game for free until a certain date.

Low Chance to Play with Hardware

Assassin’s Crееd Chroniclеs: China The game can be played easily even with very low hardware. Intеl Corе i3-2105 processor and 4 GB of space may be sufficient for this game. With a minimum NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 graphics card, this game can run with good performance.

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