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Talks Between Microsoft and Discord Come to a halt

There has been a new development in the talks between Microsoft and Discord. The talks came to a standstill. Passed through

There has been a new development in the talks between Microsoft and Discord. The talks came to a standstill.

Microsoft’s popular chat platform for the past months DiscordIt was alleged that he started negotiations to buy. In the reports that emerged about this issue, which was frequently on the agenda, it was revealed that Microsoft, as well as Amazon and Epic Games, had attempts to buy Discord. According to the latest information, it is stated that Discord may prefer a different way instead of purchasing. According to sources reported, Discord is more seriously considering the possibility of going public instead of these talks.

Discord’s acquisition is still on the table, but according to the Wall Street Journal, two giant companies Microsoft and Discord The “forward talks” between the companies did not come to the desired point, and Discord first put the IPO plan process on the agenda instead of this acquisition.

Talks Between Microsoft and Discord at a Standstill

It is reported that Microsoft, which has made serious progress among those who want to buy Discord, is still in talks with Discord. Considering the fact that Discord is the most preferred service for gaming communities, this acquisition has a strategically important point, especially for Microsoft who wants to strengthen its hand in gaming. However, with the talks between these two coming to a halt, we can say that the process is uncertain for now.

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According to published reports, while the value of Discord was announced as $ 3.5 billion in June 2020, this value increased to $ 7 billion at the end of 2020. According to WSJ’s report, even though the company has managed to double its value, it has achieved a significant revenue increase in March 2021, but still has not managed to make a profit. Still, all these figures are not amounts that cannot be paid when we consider Microsoft’s financial success.

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