Steam Prevents Cheap Game Purchases from Different Regions
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Steam Prevents Cheap Game Purchases from Different Regions

Popular game library Steam, as it is known, follows a different pricing policy in its store, which varies from country to country. It looks like Steam will prevent game purchases from these regions.

Steam, which is one of the frequent destinations of game lovers, applies an economical pricing policy that varies from country to country in its own store, and users can buy games at more affordable prices by changing their regions. Steam, on the other hand, plans to take various steps to prevent this situation.

Steam, which made an adjustment that made it difficult to change store settings in July of last year, also made it mandatory for users to use the payment method of the region they are in.

Time Restriction Coming to Steam

According to the statement made by Steam DB, Valve has set a new time limit for Steam users. Users will now be able to change their game purchase regions quarterly. This change of Steam will be implemented in a short time.

Steam Summer Sale Has Started

Steam’s highly anticipated summer sales have begun. In this campaign, which will end on July 8, 2021, we have collected the remarkable games that are on sale.

Notable Games As part of Steam Summer Sale 2021

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Regular Price: 87.00 TL / Discounted Price: 43.50 TL


Regular Price: 10.50 TL / Discounted Price: 8.40 TL


Regular Price: 31.00 TL / Discounted Price: 20.77 TL


Regular Price: 127.00 TL / Discounted Price: 63.50 TL

Dying Light

Regular Price: 59.99 TL / Discounted Price: 20.39 TL

Grand Theft Auto V ( GTA 5 )

Regular Price: 169 TL / Discounted Price: 77.33 TL

The Witcher 3

Regular Price: 59.99 TL / Discounted Price: 11.99 TL

Mortal Kombat 11

Regular Price: 102.00 TL / Discounted Price: 51.00 TL

Battlefield V

Regular Price: 149.99 TL / Discounted Price: 104.99 TL

All games that are on sale as part of the Steam Summer Sale to this link access by clicking.

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