Steam Deck Becomes Black Market Victims
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Steam Deck Becomes Black Market Victims

The new game console, Steam Deck, which Valve recently announced, unfortunately shared the same fate with the new generation consoles and became a victim of the black market.

Valve recently introduced the new portable “gaming computer”, the Steam Deck, and recently opened it up for pre-order. In order for Steam Deck not to suffer the same fate as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, Valve introduced the requirement for those who want to pre-order the game console to open their Steam account before June. The device, which was sold out in a short time, has already become a victim of the black market.

Steam Deck Prices Exceed $1000

The Steam Deck, which Valve opened for pre-order with three different versions for $399, $529 and $649, was sold out in a short time. During the pre-order, the Steam platform also crashed and the problem was fixed in a short time. What happened to the new generation game consoles also happened to the Steam Deck, and users who pre-ordered the Steam Deck opened an eBay ad for their devices. In the advertisements, it is seen that the price of the Steam Deck is above $ 1000. This price has reached $2000 for some ads.

After the number of listings increased, eBay noticed the situation and took a step forward. With the action taken, eBay stated that all listings will be removed for violating its “Pre-Order Policy”. As it is known, a device purchased from pre-order on eBay must be sent to the buyer within 30 days, and this is not possible for Steam Deck.

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