Steam BAFTA Awards Sale Has Started!
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Steam BAFTA Awards Sale Has Started!

Steam BAFTA awards discounts finally started. Games on Steam for BAFTA Game Awards

Discounts for Steam BAFTA awards finally started. BAFTA Game Awards because of SteamHere are the games that are on sale.

Many games that are nominated for the BAFTA Game Awards can now be purchased at a discount on the Steam platform. In the Steam campaign, which will continue this weekend, 70 percent discounts manage to attract the attention of the players.

Beloved new game of the Doom series on Steam Doom Eternal From now on, it can be purchased for 99 TL with a 50 percent discount. Considered the best VR game of the last period Half – Life Alyx game can be purchased for 55 TL. The Hades game, which left its mark on the BAFTA Game Awards and won the Game of the Year award, can be purchased with a 20 percent discount, as in the previous campaigns. All discounts made on the Steam platform to this link it is possible to reach by clicking.

Steam-bafta-awards-discounts started

Steam BAFTA Awards Sale

Hades – 32.00 TL

Cyberpunk 2077 – 199.20 TL

F1 2020 – 27.60 TL

Röki – 29.25 TL

Fall Guys – 26.60 TL

Call of the Sea – 25.60 TL

No Man’s Sky – 75.00 TL

Doom Eternal – 99.50 TL

Half – Life Alyx – 55.20 TL

Carrion – 24.12 TL

Kentuck Route Zero : PC Edition – 27.30 TL

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