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Sony Steps Back PS3 And PS Vita’s Store Access Will Continue

Japanese tech giant Sony has stepped back. PS3 and PS Vita will continue to have store access. The game world recognized

Japanese tech giant Sony has stepped back. PS3 and PS Vita will continue to have store access.

One of the familiar names of the game world Sony Interactive Entertainment He made a statement to upset the console players in the past weeks. A few days before Sony’s announcement, the PlayStation 4 decided to shut down their community of players. Sony also announced that the PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita online stores will be closed.

After Sony’s announcement, PlayStation players began to react to this announced decision. Console players wondering what the state of digital content in their libraries would be, criticized Sony’s decision on various platforms. Based on these reactions, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan He ended the discussion with a blog post.

PS3 and PS Vita’s Store Access Will Continue

“Obviously we made the wrong decision,” Ryan said in the shared blog post. gave his statement. With this statement, Ryan announced that they withdrew the closure of the stores that they had previously announced to be closed. With this decision, the PlayStation 3 store opened in 2006 and the PlayStation Vita store opened in 2011 will continue to serve its users for at least a few years.


On the other hand, Sony did not change the decision to close the PlayStation Portable (PSP) online store. Opened in 2004, the store will cease to serve its users on July 2, 2021. Sony’s shutdown of PSP online is not something that will upset many users. PSP, which was once the popular handheld console of Sony, ended its support in 2014. PSP’s store, which did not receive any support from Sony, was operating limited.

Stating that this decision to shut down was taken due to the necessity of commercial support for old devices, Ryan said that they see that players still continue to buy classic games for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita game consoles and therefore canceled the decision to shut down.

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