Sony OLED to Follow Nintendo Switch Sales Closely
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Sony OLED to Follow Nintendo Switch Sales Closely

Although the Japanese tech giant has long announced that it will not return to the portable handheld console market, this may change.

As it is known, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch OLED, a portable screen game console with a new OLED screen, in the past weeks.

Other than its OLED and larger screen, the new Nintendo Switch doesn’t have any hardware updates. The new Switch, with only the screen updated, is $50 more expensive than the previous Switch model. Although Nintendo did not announce that it would not make more profit from the Switch model with OLED screen, this move of Nintendo attracted the attention of many companies, especially Sony.

New Moves May Come on PlayStation

According to the news of The Japan Times, Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda stated that Sony is closely following Nitendo’s new price strategy and will examine the success of the Switch.

In the console market, it is something we all know now that consoles come with hardware updates half their lives. This feature offered by Nintendo with the Switch model with an OLED screen should not have caused a price increase, but it did not. On the Sony or Microsoft side, price increases come with a hardware update. It was previously claimed that Sony will update the PlayStation 5 game console with a 6 nm processor in 2022. With this increase, the prices of PlayStation may also increase.

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