Self musician surpasses 2 million followers on Twitch
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Self musician surpasses 2 million followers on Twitch

One of Turkey’s most important broadcasters, Kendine Musician left behind 2 million followers on Twitch.

Having hosted Pierluigi Collina, one of the world’s most renowned football referees, in his live broadcast, Kemal Can “Herself Musician” Parlak came to the fore with the number of followers he reached on the Twitch channel.

Significant Achievement From Self Musician

Having hosted Pierluigi Collina as a guest and after her live broadcast, the number of Twitch followers of Herself Musician surpassed 2 million. According to the data of, which publishes data on the Twitch platform, Kemal Can “Herself Musician” Parlak, with this number of followers, Twitch managed to become the third broadcaster with the highest number of followers in Turkey.

Self Musician, in a statement after the Collina broadcast, said, “It was a perfect publication! Pierluigi Collina was the guest of our publication. We present two signed yellow cards, two red cards and one My Game Rules book signed by Collina. ” he said. You can access the Musician’s Twitch channel by clicking this link.

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