Restoring PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings And Controls
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Restoring PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings And Controls

One of the issues that players are curious about in the PUBG Mobile game, which players play with great admiration, is how to restore the sensitivity settings and controls. In this guide, we looked for an answer to the question of how to restore PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings and controls.

In PUBG Mobile, which is one of the most played mobile games on smartphones, players play the game with their own sensitivity and control settings. We cannot say that players who cannot adjust their sensitivity and controls will be very successful in the game. For this reason, sensitivity and control settings, which have an important place for players, are among the things that players will want to bring back even if they change their phones.

In this guide, we have listed the steps that players should follow to restore these important settings. Here are the ways players should follow to restore precision and control.

Changing PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings

Let’s take a look at how to change the sensitivity selector in the game before players bring these settings back.

1- Log in to the PUBG Mobile game and open the Settings tab and tap the sensitivity option.

2- Click on Low and go back to the customization option. It will return to the default value. You can change this number or leave it the same.

Resetting Controls to Default in PUBG Mobile

If you want to restore your settings in PUBG Mobile, the path you need to follow is really simple.

1- Go to Settings tab in PUBG Mobile game and tap on “Logout” option to log out of your account.

2- After this step, you will be directed to the login screen of PUBG Mobile.

3- Tap on the Repair option and tap on the options you want to revert from here. If you do not want to revert any settings, if you want to continue the game with the default settings, uncheck all the boxes. Touch “Restore Default Settings” and press OK.

4- Restart your game and login to your account again with your username and password. You will see your settings revert to default settings.

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