PUBG Mobile Landing Faster Than Plane
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PUBG Mobile Landing Faster Than Plane

If you want to get into combat as soon as possible and strengthen your loot in PUBG Mobile, this guide is for you. Here are the ways to land faster than the plane in PUBG Mobile game.

In PUBG Mobile, the faster the players descend from the plane to the ground, the more time they have to win the lottery or kill the enemies early.

One of the best ways to hunt opponent players is to have better weapons. For this reason, players need to get down and collect weapons as soon as possible.

PUBG Mobile Landing Faster Than Plane

1 – Camera Angle

One of the most important factors when jumping or landing in PUBG Mobile is your viewing angle in the game. If your camera angle is towards your marked position, you can land much faster than your enemies. You can get weapons and armor faster than your opponents and you can kill your opponents much faster in this way. If your camera angle is on the wrong side and you hit jump, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your initial panning speed. This path will slow you down and increase your chances of dying prematurely.

2- Choosing the Proper Distance to Jump

Another thing players can do to land early in PUBG Mobile is the appropriate distance to press the jump button. In PUBG Mobile, many players land in hot areas such as Pochinki and Gergopol when the plane approaches their destination. So the faster descent distance than other players is between 750m and 800m. When the distance to your marked position falls between these marks, you must press the jump button as fast as you can. This path will help players land on the ground much faster.

3- Reaching Maximum Descent Speed

As it is known, there are two sliding speeds in the PUBG Mobile game. One of these speeds is the maximum sliding speed and the other is the minimum slip speed. The maximum sliding speed that a PUBG Mobile player can achieve in the game was determined as 234 km / h. In the game, when the players press the jump button, they always try to reach this speed, so they can land much faster than other players and collect weapons or materials faster than them. Users who want to reach this speed can reach this speed by shifting the camera angle towards the land area and sliding the analog button down.

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