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PUBG 11.1 Update Released For All Players

PUBG 11.1 update has been released for all users. So what comes to the game with the new update?

PUBG 11.1 update has been released for all users. So what comes to the game with the new update?

It was known that PUBG, one of the first games that comes to mind when it comes to Battle Royale, has been working on a new update for a while. The new update, which PUBG players are eagerly awaiting, was finally released.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or more commonly known as PUBG game has been updated. PUBG’s 11.1 update is now available for download by all players.

With the new update, a new ranked season experience is coming to PUBG. With the update, new game modes are brought to the game with new balances, and there is also a 3 x 3 map. Paramois added to the game again. The new update notes published by PUBG developers are as follows:

PUBG 11.1 Update Notes

Season 10 rewards are awarded based on your ranked level in the most current season:

Ranked Emblem

Season 10 Ranked Parachute Skin

Season 10 Ranked Mirado Skin

pubg-11-1-update-for-all-players was released

Season 11 Ranked Update

Spawn rates of all weapons will be increased similarly to the Esports mode on all maps. We have increased the item spawn rate by 30% – 40% to support gathering speeds. Spawn rates of other items such as vehicles do not change.

Based on your feedback, we brought Paramo back to Regular and Special matches and bid farewell to Haven and Karakin.

Changed with the Paramo update:

The Paramo terrain continues to vary, but a random new spot has been added.

Spawn rates have been increased for the Secret Chamber and Aid Package Helicopter.

Terrain improvements have been made and extra field shields have been added.

Normal Match

A maximum of 64 players can play in a match, including bots.

Supports TPP and FPP and Solo / Duo / Squad.

Special Match

Can be played in special matches.

Secret Room Key Appearance tab has been added.

Sandbox mode available for Partners.

pubg-11-1-update-for-all-players was released

Map Service Plan

Last year, our team focused on multiple mini-maps and different features, and presented the Haven map with the demolition Karakin, Paramo with its varying terrain, and the PvPvE elements including city life. We like to design new and interesting maps for you, but match matching and map rotation are quite challenging. To balance this, we will limit the number of playable maps to 5 with Update 11.1.

We know that our players have different preferences in terms of map size, but the common idea is in favor of large 8 × 8 maps. However, Erangel and Miramar will remain the map that is always in rotation. Map rotation allows us to concentrate and work more on some maps. With update 11.1, Paramo will take Karakin’s place in the rotation.

Paramo is a map that our fans love and have been asking to come back for a long time. We’ve added new game modes, made fixes, included in the map pool and made it playable in custom matches. Karakin will continue to be in special matches.

We hope this plan will make PUBG’s map selection exciting and matchmaking times will continue in a healthy way. Thank you and enjoy Paramo!

Weapon Balance Update

We made adjustments to Weapon Balance based on data we gathered over the past months. We determined that all Beryl, M416 and SLR weapons were used at the same rate in normal matches. However, in Ranked matches, Beryl outperforms other weapons, followed closely by the SLR. We decided to weaken Beryl and SLR to try to keep the matches exciting and to make sure we offer different and suitable combat options to the players. On the other hand, we found some weapons to perform poorly, so we’ve slightly boosted the Mini-14, VSS, and SCAR-L.


Damage increased +1. (46 → 47)


Damage increased by +2. (41 → 43)


Damage increased +1. (41 → 42)


Horizontal recoil increased by 15%.

The recoil reset speed has been reduced. (2.1 → 1.9)


Horizontal recoil amount increased by 5%.

Horizontal recoil speed has been increased. (10 → 11)

Vertical recoil speed increased by +1.5. (15 → ​​16.5)

pubg-11-1-update-for-all-players was released

Emergency Rescue Balloon

When Emergency Rescue is deployed, a Fulton Balloon pops out of his bag. When the balloon is fully inflated and rises into the air, within 60 seconds an airplane arrives. During this time, up to 4 players can hold onto the string of the Fulton Balloon. When the plane arrives, it catches the Balloon, pulls the players up and moves towards the center of the Safe Area. At any moment of the flight, players can let themselves go and jump with a parachute. When deploying the Emergency Rescue, make sure you choose an area with a clear view of the sky and free of obstructions (terrain, vehicles, buildings), otherwise it will fail. Emergency Rescue cannot be used before the first Flat and after the fourth Flat; so use it wisely. In addition, it cannot be used indoors, on ferries or trains.

Emergency Rescue Balloons to be carried in your inventory can only be found on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

Emergency Rescue can be used effectively in the following situations:

Players cannot escape from Blue Zone or are stuck in Blue Zone

If they must cross an open field under another team’s fire

If you and your teammates want to loot in a safe place

After being picked up by aircraft, note the following:

You cannot shoot after being picked up by the plane.

Therefore, you are potentially vulnerable to air strikes from Motor Glider.

Players holding on to the rope will take damage, including the Motor Glider.

Players can drop the rope and open their parachute at any time.

If the altitude is less than 50 meters, the parachute cannot be opened.

The camera is set to TPP and fixed in this mode.

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