PS5 Users Get More Games Than Previous Generation PS Users
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PS5 Users Get More Games Than Previous Generation PS Users

PS5 users, Sony’s next-generation game console, get more games than the previous generation PS users. So what is the reason for this purchase to increase?

Japan-based technology company Sony launched the next generation game console, PlayStation 5, about six months ago. The PlayStation 5 game console continues to break records, although a considerable time has passed since the release of Sony’s new generation game console. The biggest problems of the players so far are, of course, the supply and the lack of games to play on the console. However, when we look at the market data, players buy and play more games than the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 era.

As it is known, there is a game shortage in the first months of every new generation game console. Of course, it takes some time for the developers to adapt their new games to the new generation game consoles to experience this problem. As a matter of fact, this situation was initially experienced on the PlayStation 5 game console. As it is known, this situation was experienced in Sony’s PlayStation 4 game console and it was very difficult to find a game in the first months of the game console. Moreover, the PlayStation 4 game console was not backward compatible like the PlayStation 5 game console.

PlayStation 5 Players Buying More Games

When we look at the data about the PlayStation 5 game console, we see that the players play more games on this console. There are two reasons for this. The first of these reasons is of course that people are in their homes due to the epidemic. Secondly, as we mentioned above, the PlayStation 5 game console comes with an important feature such as backward compatibility, unlike the PlayStation 4 game console. Thanks to this feature, PlayStation 5 players can play PlayStation 4 games faster.

According to the data, the playing time of PlayStation 5 players has increased by 81 percent. With the statements made so far, it is possible that these numbers will increase. We can say that the interest of users in the PlayStation 5 game console will increase for a while.

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