Pqueen Became the Most Viewed Female Twitch Streamer of Last Week!
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Pqueen Became the Most Viewed Female Twitch Streamer of Last Week!

Pqueen became the most watched broadcaster of last week. Pelin “Pqueen” Baynazoğlu, Twitch platform last week

Pqueen became the most watched broadcaster of last week. Pelin “Pqueen” Baynazoğlu succeeded in surpassing world-famous Twitch broadcasters such as Pokimane, Amounranth and Mayichii with the number of views he achieved on Twitch platform last week.

Pelin “Pqueen” Baynazoğlu, who came to the agenda many times due to his publication with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş a short while ago, was also reflected in his statistics.

Pqueen is the Leader of Last Week!

According to the statistics provided by Streams Charts and shared on social media accounts, Pqueen managed to be the most watched broadcaster on the Twitch platform between 15 and 21 March.

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Pqueen’s place in the first spa on the announced list is of course a very positive development for our country. American Amouranth, Canadian Pokimane, Spanish Mayichi and many famous female Twitch broadcasters were on the list. Pqueen took the first place on the list with 534 thousand 208 hours of watch per week, while its closest competitor Amouranth came second with 434 thousand hours. Pokimane took the third place on the list with 410 thousand hours of watch.

Pqueen, which has 1.3 million followers on the live broadcast platform Twitch, has live broadcasts on Twitch, followed by an average of 113 thousand kili. You can access Pqueen’s Twitch profile by clicking this link.

I playPqueen” Who is Baynazoğlu?

Pelin Baynazoğlu was born in 1992 in Ankara. His mother was born and raised in Izmir. His father was also born in Rize. Pelin Baynazoğlu, who has a civil servant family, spent his childhood in Ankara.

Training of Pelin Baynazoğlu

Pelin Baynazoğlu was born in 1992 in Ankara. He is a fun and talented broadcast player. He received training on pedagogy in Kütahya. He graduated from the Business Administration department and crowned it with a master’s degree in his field. His goal has always been to rise higher.

Pelin Baynazoğlu’s Achievements

Pelin Baynazoğlu has become a rising star in an instant. He first entered the media sector by playing games in an internet cafe. He has practiced his talent professionally in dance companies from an early age. With the insistence of his friends, he decided to become an entertaining content publisher. Pelin, who started with a program competition for the first time, had an impact in a short time. It has become one of the most clicked and watched broadcasters.

Pelin, who continues these broadcasts on Twitch, is a cute and talented content producer. He started broadcasting by buying cameras and reached the top levels in a short time and reached many people. With his fun and entertaining publications, he reached a wide audience and made quality work for people to spare time. Its purpose is to be able to meet more people.

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