PlayStation Plus 12-Month Subscription Price Discounted
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PlayStation Plus 12-Month Subscription Price Discounted

The price of the 12-month subscription option of the PlayStation Plus subscription service offered by Sony for PlayStation users has been discounted.

The PS Plus discount that users have been waiting for during PlayStation’s highly anticipated Days of Play period has started as of now. While the 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription was discounted by 25 percent, no discount was applied to the 3-month or 1-month subscription prices.

As part of Sony’s Days of Play, it has now reduced its 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription to 180 TL instead of 240 TL. With this discount, PlayStation Plus subscription can be purchased at the price before the last hike. PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 users will be able to extend their PlayStation Plus subscription at this price. As it is known, Sony applies the PlayStation Plus discount campaign twice a year.

The Days of Play discount applied on PlayStation Plus will continue until June 9th. You can reach the discounted price page by clicking this link.

PlayStation Plus Sale

12-Month PlayStation Plus Subscription 180 TL with 25% Discount

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