PlayStation Now's Most Preferred Games Announced
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PlayStation Now’s Most Preferred Games Announced

The most preferred games have been revealed in the PlayStation Now service, which Sony has not yet made available in our country, but is available worldwide.

The most preferred games of PlayStation Now, the game service system of PlayStation Now, have been announced. There are many games that players love in the PlayStation Now library, which includes a certain number of games for a certain monthly fee, such as the Xbox Game Pass service, one of Microsoft’s popular services. Unfortunately, the PlayStation Now service, which has millions of subscribers, cannot be used in our country.

PlayStation Now Top Games

Top picks on PS4 and PS5:

Marvel’s Avengers

Horizon Zero Dawn

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

F1 2020

WWE 2K19

Top picks on PC:


Horizon Zero Dawn

The Last of Us

Marvel’s Avengers

Detroit: Become Human

Sony’s PlayStation Now library is constantly being refreshed. Marvel’s Avengers and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be removed from PlayStation Now on August 2. Although it has not been announced which games will be added to the library for now, it is quite surprising that Marvel’s Avengers game, which cannot give the expected on the PC side, is the most preferred game of PlayStation Now.

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