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PlayStation 5 HDMI Connection Added Important Features

PlayStation 5 HDMI connection has been added with important features. Opening the console with newly added features or

PlayStation 5 HDMI connection has been added with important features. With the newly added features, it has become much easier to turn the console on or off.

Japanese technology company Sony continues to bring new updates to PlayStation 5, its next generation game console. Recently released the first biggest update of PlayStation 5, Sony is now playing the PlayStation 5. HDMI brought important features to its connection.

With the new update, the feature named “HDMI Link” came to PlayStation 5. Thanks to this feature, console users can turn PlayStation 5 on or off much more easily. With the incoming feature, it will be possible to perform these operations from one place instead of turning the PlayStation 5 and the connected screen on or off separately. It is worth noting that it is important to know which device users turn on or off in this sense.

PlayStation 5 HDMI Connection Now Has One – Touch Play Support

PlayStation 5 is available “One – Touch PlayWhen the feature named ”is turned on, when the PlayStation 5 is turned off or in sleep state, it opens on the screen it is connected to and the display source of the screen switches to PlayStation 5 automatically. The feature also turns on the screen after opening the PlayStation 5, and in this sense, it eliminates the trouble of finding the source of the PlayStation 5 from the users’ screens.

With the update, users can enable their PlayStation 5 to automatically switch to sleep mode when the screen that their PlayStation 5 is connected to is turned off. With this feature, users will be able to turn their PlayStation 5 into sleep mode by simply turning off their screens instead of turning off both the PlayStation 5 and its screens at the same time.

Finally, the update brings higher frame rate support for PC monitors. In this way, it can get 120 Hz images at 1080p on monitors that support PlayStation 5. Users also HDR It will be able to use its feature as always on or always off option as well as only on when supported.

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