PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Sales Numbers Announced
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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Sales Numbers Announced

Microsoft and Sony released their new generation game consoles, the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 game consoles, late last year. The sales figures of these consoles have been announced.

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game consoles, the new generation game consoles of Sony and Microsoft, have been on sale for about 8 months. Unfortunately, due to the chip shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic, the stock problems of these game consoles have not been overcome. A new report has recently been published about the next generation game consoles.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Sales Figures

According to the latest report shared by VGChartz, Sony’s new generation game PlayStation 5 has reached a total sales figure of 8.64 million units. Of course, this number is not an official number announced by Sony. It was officially announced by Sony that PlayStation 5 sold 7.8 million units by March 31, 2021. The deadline for this latest report was not disclosed.

According to the report, Microsoft’s new generation game console has reached 5.12 million units of sales. Unfortunately, Microsoft chooses not to share the sales numbers of its console. For this reason, we do not have an official issue for the Xbox Series in our supplement.

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