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Official Video of Local Game Angelic Released

The official promotional video of the local game Angelic has been released. Here is everything you need to know about the local game Angelic

The official promotional video of the local game Angelic has been released. Here is everything you need to know about the domestic game Angelic.

Turkish production that has managed to excite Turkish users since the first day it was announced. Angelic The official promotional video of the game has been released. With the published video, important information about the game has also emerged.

Developing the Angelic game Meteverse Game Studios undertakes. Since the first day it was announced, the production, which managed to attract the attention of local actors, has also managed to increase the excitement of the actors. The subject of the game, which seems to be a successful turn-based strategy game, is also very interesting.


As the story, it seems that it can absorb many players with the game story that hosts the players in a dark science fiction world set in a distant future. In the game, which will attract attention with its story as well as its atmosphere and graphics, the players embark on a journey towards the 28th century. In our story, which started 200 centuries after a war between neo-humans, also called companies and angels in this future, the angels return to the world from the space they were taken after the war. After this situation, companies that have been used to dominating the world for 200 years without any power will surely not welcome them. In addition to all these, a rapidly spreading disease is taking over colonies in space.

Local Game Angelic Promotional Video

With the official promotional video of the game, we can say that the expectations have increased much more. Although it is not known for now what kind of game the players will encounter in a dark atmosphere, we will be able to find the answers to all such questions when the game comes out. The Angelic game, which is opened on the Steam page, will be released with 12 different language support, including Turkish. The release date of the game, whose release date is not yet known, is expected to be announced in the coming days.

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