Ninjas in Pajamas signed with dev1ce
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Ninjas in Pajamas signed with dev1ce

Sweden-based esports organization Ninjas in Pajamas announced an agreement with dev1ce. The world’s important esports organ

Sweden-based esports organization Ninjas in Pajamas announced that it has signed with dev1ce.

One of the most important esports organizations in the world Ninjas in Pyjamas detonated the bomb. Sweden-based esports organization Ninjas in Pajamas, or NIP dev1ce, as it is known, announced that it has agreed with social media accounts.

Ninjas in Pajamas Dev1ce Has Included Its Squad

According to the statement made by Ninjas in Pajamas, known as NIP, one of the first esports teams to come to mind when it comes to CS: GO, a three-year agreement was signed with dev1ce. Replacing Tim “nawwk” Jonasson, the successful AWP player who joined the team will now sweat in his NIP shirt. The transfer amount or salary of dev1ce, who previously wore the Astralis jersey, which was one of the other successful teams, is currently unknown. According to the comments made on HLTV and the pioneers of the industry, NIP may have signed one of the most expensive transfers in history.


The transfer of the successful player dev1ce to Ninjas in Pajamas Twitter announced with the video he shared on his account. With Dev1ce joining the team, “nawwk” was put on the transfer list of the team. After the transfer of Ninjas in Pajamas, the CS: GO squad of the team was as follows.

Fredrik “REZ” Sterner

Nicolas “Plopski”Gonzalez Zamora

Hampus “hampus” To pose

Erik “ztr” Gustafsson

Nicolai “device“Reedtz

Björn “THREAT” Pers (coach)

Frederik “JAEGARN” Andersson (assistant coach)

We will see in the following days whether this transfer of Ninjas in Pajamas will adapt to the staff.

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