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New Apex Legends Character Valkyrie Announced

The new Apex Legends character Valkyrie has been announced. So what are the characteristics of the Valkyrie character who comes to Apex Legends?

New Apex Legends character Valkyrie was announced. So what are the characteristics of the Valkyrie character who comes to Apex Legends?

New characters continue to be added to Apex Legends, one of the popular battle royale games of a period. A new character named Valkyrie has now been added to Apex Legends. With the new character, a new connection door has been opened with Titanfall.

Apex Legends’ın Outlands The new character, announced with a new animation in the Stories video, managed to attract a lot of attention from the actors. The Valkyrie character has impressive abilities. With the new character, we can say that Titanfall fans can establish a new connection to the Apex Legends game.

New Apex Legends Character Valkyrie

The Valkyrie character appears as a Titan pilot with the goal of proving himself in the Apex Legends competitive arena. His father, who died in an animated movie called Northstar, is a Northstar Appears to be a pilot tasked with his own Titan, whose class. With the video, it is also revealed that Valkyrie blames Kuben Blisk for the death of her father. This name will not sound unfamiliar to Titanfall players. Since Kuben is the main enemy in Titanfall 2, Valkyrie appears as the newest character to have ties to the Titanfall universe.


When we look at what the background of the new character is and what it adds to the fight in the Apex Legends game, we first see revenge. The appearance of the character actually means that a lot of Titanfall content will be added to the game. With the 9th Season of the Apex Legends game, it has already been leaked that the game will be closer to the Titanfall universe, but with this character added, this has become definite. Let’s see what will be added to Apex Legends game with Valkyrie?

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