Netflix And PlayStation Might Partner
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Netflix And PlayStation Might Partner

There has been some news recently that Netflix will enter the gaming industry. Now it is rumored that Netflix will go into a partnership with PlayStation.

As it is known, Netflix has been incorporating experience in the game industry for a while, and Netflix has recently officially announced that it will officially enter the game industry. It was even announced that the first games of Netflix will be released in 2022. Now, a new claim has emerged that excites game lovers.

Netflix And Sony Might Join A Partnership

In the past days, images of PlayStation products appeared in the Netflix application. One of the images is DualSense, a PlayStation 5 controller, the second is artwork from Ghost of Tsushima, the third is a logo that says N Games, and the last is a shark icon.

According to Steve Moser, a data miner, the name Shark is currently the working name of Netflix’s game projects. The presence of PlayStation images may indicate that these two giant companies will establish a partnership. According to Moser, as a result of this partnership, PlayStation will somehow present its games on Netflix.

As it will be remembered in the past months, Sony and Netflix made an agreement for Sony’s movies. According to this agreement, movies made by Sony would be added to Netflix after they left the vision. This previous agreement may be an indication that the partnership between Sony and Netflix will be taken to a higher level. It is expected that new information on the subject will be announced in the coming days.

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