More than 200,000 Used PS5 Sales in the USA
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More than 200,000 Used PS5 Sales in the USA

More than 200,000 used PS5s were sold in the US. The average price of second-hand PlayStation 5s sold is seen as $ 573.

PlayStation 5, the next generation game console of Japanese technology company Sony, has been on the market for about six months and there are still problems in the procurement process of the game console. Of course, there are many reasons for this stock problem in the PlayStation 5 game console. The main reason for this problem, of course, is the chip shortage. These disruptions in the production process push the users to different paths. For example, we can show second-hand PlayStation 5 sales in the USA.

Used PS5 Sales More Than 200,000

According to the latest data, more than 130,000 second-hand PlayStation 5 have been sold so far on StockX, the popular online shopping site in America. Of these sales, 83,000 were the normal PlayStation 5 version, while 55,000 were the digital version of the PlayStation 5. The average price of the normal PlayStation 5 is listed as $ 573, while the average price of the digital version is listed as $ 531.

It is thought that among these sales, there are really second hand sales in addition to the black market sales among the black market sales. When the console fell on the black market, its price was around $ 900. In short, it is possible to say that the price has decreased in current prices.

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