Minecraft Bed Making, How to Make a Minecraft Bed?
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Minecraft Bed Making, How to Make a Minecraft Bed?

Everyone needs to sleep, including NPCs and Avatars in Minecraft. Minecraft bed construction

Everyone needs to sleep, including NPCs and Avatars in Minecraft. Minecraft bedding actually easy. However, you can’t just build a wooden hut and sleep on the ground. For starters, it’s bad for your virtual back. Instead of, How to make a bed in Minecraft so you can pass time quickly as the skeletons roam outside your door.

But the beds aren’t just for getting the clock forward. They also serve as spawn points, overriding your region’s default spawn location. You’ll appear within a few blocks of your bed unless something blocks the spawn point and forces you to reappear at the world’s default location that could be miles away.

Minecraft Bedding Materials

  1. Wooden

Find yourself a tree and cut it down. Your lumberjack skills will result in small wood blocks (Survival Mode) scattered across the land you need to collect. You can use tools and weapons, even your fists, to cut trees, but you can’t use swords.

  1. Wool

You will need scissors to collect wool from live sheep or to kill them and collect wool from their remains. You can set up an automatic wool farm, but this is a completely different guide. Apply dye to two sheep before shaving their fur. Sheep naked!

How to Make a Minecraft Bed

minecraft bed making

minecraft bed making

This method is based on white wool. A bed of color If you want, skip to the next section in this guide.

  • Step 1: Open your Crafting Table and drag a block of wood from your inventory to any of the nine squares in the crafting grid.
  • Step 2: Drag the resulting four wooden blocks of wood to your inventory. You will need three wooden blocks of wood to create a bed.
  • Step 3: Place each block of wood in the lower three squares in the crafting grid as shown below.
  • Step 4: Place a woolen block of the same color in the three squares in the middle of the crafting grid. Drag your new bed into your inventory.

Make a Colorful Bed

Sheep are typically black, white, gray, light gray, and brown. If you want a purple or blue sheet, you need to dye the wool first. This means collecting items and assembling them at the crafting table or bakery.

Set Up Your Bed And Use It

No instructions needed here, just move the mattress to your Hotbar, select it and do the following to place it in the world. Remember, a bed requires two blocks of space.

PC: Right click on the target.

Console: Aim and press left trigger.

Mobile: Tap the field.

After putting the bed into position, you can sleep by doing the following:

PC: Right click on the bed.

Console: Aim at bed and press left trigger.

Car: Touch the bed.

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