Microsoft Will Make Changes To Taskbar!
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Microsoft Will Make Changes To Taskbar!

Software giant Microsoft is preparing to make changes to the taskbar. So what will the new taskbar be like? Private

Software giant Microsoft is preparing to make changes to the taskbar. So what will the new taskbar be like?

Microsoft, which offers many important features to its users, especially with the Windows 10 operating system, Windows 10 With the new updates it brings to the operating system, it continues to make the operating system user-friendly. In this process, unlike other operating systems, Microsoft takes more attention to user notifications in the Windows 10 operating system. According to the latest information that has emerged Microsoft now plans to make changes to the Windows 10 operating system’s taskbar.

Microsoft Makes Changes To Taskbar!

With the latest update published by Microsoft on the developer channel, a significant change was made in the Windows 10 interface. Again, according to the screenshots shared by Microsoft, shortcuts for the locations of the locally working files have been added to the list that opens when applications such as Notepad and Microsoft Word are right-clicked on the taskbar of Windows 10.


On the other hand, when users click on an empty space on the taskbar, they will not see the task view, Windows Ink workspace, touch keyboard shortcut button and Windows search shortcuts from the drop-down list. Microsoft has removed these settings from the Windows 10 taskbar.

Software giant Microsoft is thought to want to remove the clutter in the general user interface by moving these options to the settings tab. In addition, since the shortcuts that have been moved are collected in the personalization title, users who use the Windows 10 operating system without activating will not be able to access these features. Finally, it is thought that Microsoft will present these changes to its users with the Sun Valley update, which is expected to be available for download in October, which corresponds to the summer of 2021. Since this update of Microsoft will be distributed to Windows 10 users gradually, we can say that it will take some time to use the features that come with the update for all users.

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