Microsoft Plans to Buy Discord for $ 10 Billion!
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Microsoft Plans to Buy Discord for $ 10 Billion!

The tech giant plans to buy Microsoft Discord for $ 10 Billion. Here’s Microsoft’s new acquisition huh

The tech giant plans to buy Microsoft Discord for $ 10 Billion. Here is Microsoft’s new acquisition move.

Microsoft, which recently acquired Zenimax, the roof company of many successful game studios such as Bethesda, id Software, Arkane, will apparently continue these acquisitions. According to the information provided by Bloomberg, Microsoft started negotiations to buy Discord, the world’s most popular game communication application.

This plan is considered a “purchase” when it comes to Microsoft who wants to buy. According to the statements of the sources that uncovered the purchase talks, among the companies that want to buy Discord are giant companies such as Epic Games and Amazon, as well as Microsoft. Sources also report that Discord executives are more likely to open their company to the public, at least for now, than selling it to another company.

Again, according to the Bloomberg report, Microsoft and Discord are not very close for this purchase. Nevertheless, it is stated that the software giant Microsoft has paid a very high price of $ 10 billion for Discord, which has reached a total valuation of $ 7 billion with $ 100 million collected in its last investor tour and reaches 140 million active users per month.

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Discord, who also wanted to know what the interest in a possible sales situation was in the information, contacted Microsoft for an interview. Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox, was also actively involved in this commercial call. With the completion of this purchase between Microsoft and Discord, Microsoft may offer the Discord application as the default communication tool on the game and Xbox side.

It is known that Microsoft, which has made significant investments in the gaming industry recently, aims to make gaming easy and accessible for everyone. Especially with the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has achieved this significantly, especially with the purchase of Discord, and may be much closer to this goal.

Although it is not exactly known whether this purchase will be completed, there is no official statement from Microsoft or Discord yet. The issue is expected to be clarified in the coming days.

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