Microsoft May Replace Xbox Controller -
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Microsoft May Replace Xbox Controller –

As it is known, the new generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony have been on the market for a while. While the DualSense controller produced by Sony for the PlayStation 5 game console was appreciated in the new generation game consoles, the signal came from the Microsoft front that the Xbox controller would be changed.

Although the new generation game consoles have been on sale for a long time, users complain that they cannot see much innovation in the consoles. Especially on the Xbox side, the controller is almost the same as the previous generation, while on the PlayStation side, the DualSense game controller comes with great innovation. While many of the players liked DualSense, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, joined the players.

Xbox Controllers May Change

Phil Spencer, chairman of Xbox, praised the PlayStation 5 controller, DualSense, in his statement. “We are currently considering different types of devices,” said Phil Spencer. We’re probably going to make some major changes to the controller. We can say that Sony has done a great job on the controller in the new generation. We want to do something like that too.” said.

After a while, after the console’s release, a survey asked Xbox users whether they wanted such an innovation. It seems that players expect the Xbox controller to offer similar innovations to the PlayStation 5 controller DualSense.

Although there is no serious innovation on the Xbox side in the new generation game consoles, we can see that Sony has completely innovated on the controller side. In this sense, the adaptive trigger and haptic feedback features offered by Sony with DualSense were loved by the players.

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