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LeBron James Coming To Fortnite – Esportlab.com

The famous basketball star LeBron James is coming to the Fortnite game, as previously said. Here are the details of the LeBron James x Fortnite partnership.

One of the famous basketball players of the NBA, LeBron James Icon Series costume is coming to the popular battle royale game Fortnite. The costumes of LeBron James, who will be added to the game with the nickname King James, were introduced.

LeBron James Coming to Fortnite Island

LeBron James’ Fortnite costume seems to reflect the most charismatic form of the famous basketball star on the island. The package includes the LeBron James outfit and the King’s Jewel back ornament. Even players will be able to wear LeBron’s glasses in the game.

It has also been revealed what will be included in the LeBron James package that will be added to the game.

LeBron James Fortnite Skin Content

  • Agile Lion pickaxe.
  • King Wings glider.
  • LeBron’s impactful on-court celebration: The Sound Cutter.

with package LeBron’s matching outfit, back ornament, Agile Lion pickaxe, and Kingwings glider can be adorned with a slider that lets you adjust 20 different gold tones. LeBron James will be added to Fortnite game very soon. According to the statement, you can find all LeBron items in the content store on Thursday, July 15th at 03:00 UTC.

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