League of Legends Wild Rift 2.2 patch notes released!
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League of Legends Wild Rift 2.2 patch notes released!

League of Legends Wild Rift, one of the popular games of Riot Games, has received a new update. League of L

League of Legends Wild Rift, one of the popular games of Riot Games, has received a new update. League of Legends Wild Rift 2.2 patch notes have been released.

The popular MOBA type game League of Legends Wild Rift from Riot Games, the beloved game studio, has received a new update. Here are what’s new with the League of Legends Wild Rift 2.2 update.

League of Legends Wild Rift 2.2 Yama Notları

New Features

It has been announced that League of Legends Wild Rift, the mobile version of the League of Legends game, is testing the new features they call location preference according to the developer notes of the new update 2.2, and the developers are working hard to provide a way to choose your position in the game, as in the PC version of the game. .

Before entering the game, you will be able to list the positions (single lane, jungle, mid lane, double lane, and support) preferred by the players, placing the one you want most in the top row and the least you want in the bottom row. The new matchmaking system in the game will often take priority to throw the most wanted positions to the players.

The developers stated that the desired locations may not always come, but there will be more control over how often the desired location to play is assigned to the players. He stated that if the players do not want to choose their role, this will not be a problem and the players will be assigned a position according to their preferences, based on the players’ past position requests. Therefore, the choices of the players will be recorded from struggle to struggle.

The test will begin in the order of a temporary location preference that will remain active for 2 weeks. This feature can be found in the ranked tab, but there are a few important points that players should pay attention to.

  • There will be an event called Location Lab. In the meantime, players will receive additional blue essence for each day for helping the tests.
  • Rank, ranked, and most events won’t affect your progress.
  • When the testing process is finalized, the developers will evaluate whether it will be ready to be adapted to the ranked order of features based on the performance and feedback of the queue. If your results are not enough, further adjustments will be made.



  • Marauder Olaf
  • iBlitzcrank
  • School Ahri
  • Hexkâşif Jax
  • Azametli Jinx
  • Kuçu Corki
  • Casanova Galio
  • Draven Draven
  • Hairy Fizz
  • Zebani Galio
  • Party Monster Amumu

New Champions

Galio (Galio will be added to the game on April 1st at 03.01)

Search Mode

ARAM, one of the favorite modes of the players’ favorite game in League of Legends, is being tested in Wild Rift, the mobile version of the game with the new patch. ARAM mode can be tested for a limited time for now. Players will queue up in this mode and thanks to the fast leveling feature, they will be able to participate in the chaotic work in the matches that will last an average of 12 minutes.

Two special spells will be added by the developers in ARAM mode.

  • Clear Mind: League of Legends game on PC version Clear MindIs coming to the Wild Rift game. Provides players and teammates with increased mana when Clear Mind is used.
  • Snap / Throw: This spell consists of two parts. Snap throwing snowballs in a line, causing damage to two enemies hit and marking that target. Instantly reuse magic to the opponent DashYou can start the fun by swallowing. Looks like Lee Sin (1) will have enough, but this spell is a little cooler.

As of April 5, it has been announced that a small 3-day test will be held to make sure that the game mode works correctly. If everything goes well, the ARAM mode will be playable from April 15 to May 19 for more than a month.


Expressions: Applause, Very Beautiful, Ripped On, AMAN GOD !, Super Shisa, Forgotten Birthday, Get Back !, Enthusiastic Choncc.

Icons: Rebel Poro, Gönülçelen Poro, Dümenci Poro, Mighty Jax, Hextech Jaximus.

Icon Frames: HexExplorer Gateway

Turns: Return Connection

Ornaments: Veteran Rowing, Hay Otherwise !, Bright Idea.

Valley Emblems: Hexexplorer History, Technological HexExplorer, Demacia the Magnificent, Power of Noxus

All loot will continue to be added to the game throughout the update.

Free Champion Rotation

1- 7 Nisan: Diana, Ezreal, Gragas, Leona, Lulu, Miss Fortune, Olaf, Orianna, Pantheon, Tryndamere

8 – 14 Nisan: Ahri, Amumu, Darius, Kennen, Lee Sin, Nami, Sona, Tristana, Vayne, Yasuo If you want to get detailed information about Wild Rift 2.2 patch notes to this link you can click and get more information.

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