League of Legends Ping Drop Tactics!
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League of Legends Ping Drop Tactics!

League of Legends ping drop tactics. How to decrease the ping value of League of Legends? League of Legend

League of Legends ping drop tactics. How to decrease the ping value of League of Legends? What to do for League of Legends ping drop.

One of the most favorite games of the players League of Legends To win the game, players need to be the best in many aspects. In all online games, players must have low ping values ​​to compete. Players with high ping values ​​take much longer to transfer this to the game when they make instant decisions. For this reason, players may encounter some annoying situations in the game.

The sudden changes that players will experience in the game. ping The increase in value can drive the players enraged in battles. These ping values ​​cause players to lose battles and therefore lose the game, especially since there are many wars won at the end of the League of Legends game. In this article, we will explain how players can reduce their high ping values ​​in the League of Legends game.


League of Legends Ping Drop Tactics

In the default settings of the League of Legends game, the ping values ​​of the players cannot be seen in the game, but the players can see it very easily. In order for the players to see the ping values ​​in the League of Legends game, when they enter the game, they need to open the Settings tab, go to the Display section and click the “Show FPS” option from this section. When players follow these steps, they can see the FPS values ​​in the game and have the opportunity to see the ping values ​​in this information box. Players who cannot find this setting can use the “CTRL + F” shortcut to see the FPS and ping values ​​we have transferred above.


How to Reduce High Ping?

  • As with many other online games, one of the biggest reasons for getting a high ping value in the League of Legends game may be your internet. For this reason, you can restart your modem and re-enter the game and do it. You can get a lower ping value by setting up your internet connection wired.
  • Another reason for your high ping value is your outdated computer drivers and not installed updates. So make sure you have the latest updates installed on your system.
  • Close the applications or internet browsers running in the background and using the internet outside the game. Also, if you are using a security program, you can turn this application off. Because such applications are constantly running in the background, they can update and this can reduce your internet speed.
  • You can try to fix these problems by downloading the Hextech Repair Device from Riot Games, the maker of the game, to your computer. You can download the application by clicking this link.
  • Make sure you are not using a VPN application. If you are using it, close the application and choose the server closest to you in the game. In our country, your ping values ​​may be very high on foreign servers because there may be problems with international internet outputs.

However, if your ping values ​​do not decrease, you can contact your internet service provider or Riot Games.

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